23 years old





Aleksandra's current level


Alexandra's level at the time of the entrance test and interview

1 year and 3 months

to fully reach the Upper-Intermediate level and achieve a solid B2

My main success is that I can speak! And I can speak easily. I've sorted out the mess of tenses in my head, and I easily initiate conversations in English. Overall, I feel much more confident.

yes I can!
alexandra is the best
no stress

Why did you start learning English?

I currently live in Germany, so my everyday language is German. I felt very uncomfortable with the difference in my levels of German and English. Additionally, at work, there were situations where I needed to quickly switch to English, and this transition was a mental struggle for me. 

But even without these factors, I had a strong desire to improve my English because it is a universal means of communication, and, simply put, I really, really wanted to!

It was especially challenging because all my friends in Germany were fluent in English.


What was your experience with learning the language before starting lessons?

I have a rather long history of learning English with its ups and downs. In school, I had a fantastic teacher who provided a solid foundation. In the early grades, I even took additional English classes. However, then German came into my life, and English took a back seat and was eventually pushed aside. It was just a matter of priorities during that period. 

After moving to Germany, I felt increasingly uncomfortable with my English skills. I realized that I needed to revive my English urgently. So, I started looking for an online tutor. 

I’d encountered many frustrating experiences, and I was on the verge of giving up. One tutor didn't assign homework because, "Why bother?" and instead gave me assignments from a Russian website. She was also constantly texting on her phone and ignored my questions. Then there was a native speaker from Scotland. She was a fantastic person, and we had some very enjoyable conversations. However, in terms of language improvement, it wasn't what I needed. She even told me, "You're at C1, I don't understand why you're here." There was another tutor who, after a couple of lessons, seemed to forget about professional etiquette and started canceling lessons because she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend. 

Honestly, my patience was running out. I just dreamed of finding a competent teacher. I was really persistent in my search and tried many options, but everything seemed quite disappointing. And then Julia, a Duck English teacher, came into my life! Hooray :)



How did you feel at the beginning of your studies?

It was a bit of a mixed bag. I had good comprehension of speech and texts, but speaking was a nightmare for me. I would say I was probably at a B1 level, but I wasn't completely sure.

My main success is that I can speak! And I can speak easily. We talk a lot during the lessons, and I really enjoy that because that's exactly what's needed to "revive" the language. Lesson time flies by so quickly because we always do so much!

piece of cake
time flies
duck english

What motivates you to learn English?

What really motivates me is seeing the results of my lessons; it makes me want to learn even more! It seems like I won't be satisfied until my English is as good as my German.


What do you do besides lessons and homework?How does it help you?

I listen to English podcasts, and a significant portion of the documentation and literature at school/work is in English. I encounter new words in context, which helps expand my vocabulary. Podcasts also provide a lot of conversational vocabulary on current topics.


What can you recommend for other language learners?

Learning a language is always a slow process, and it's not a piece of cake. It requires discipline and consistency. Always keep your goals in mind and know that success is achievable, especially with teachers like Julia and Lera :)

Even when you are drained and worn out, do at least a little, the minimum, but something. 

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